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Person on a sofa using smart home controlled by an app

Affordable Smart homes in South East London

Make managing your heating and electricity easy with

C. Hurst Electrical Contractors  

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Convenience at the touch of a button

Smart homes are a great way of managing your heating and electricity through a straightforward app.  With C. Hurst Electrical Contractors in South East London, your Smart installation could be more affordable than you think.

Man controlling his smart home on an app

Accessible for all

Having a Smart home may seem like a luxury, and may feel out of reach for your budget, but with

C. Hurst Electrical Contractors, your Smart home installation could be within reach. We want to make having a Smart home accessible, without compromising on quality or efficiency. 

Professional installation

We use up-to-date systems, and take pride in making sure that your Smart home is working the best that it can. We have a great understanding of how Smart homes can help you.

Home Security System
Smart Home System

Systems tailored to you

Your home is your own space, so you should have a system that works for you and is personalised to suit you. Whether you want to manage your energy efficiency or have peace of mind that you can control your electricity and heating from a distance, we can find a system that suits you.

Woman viewing her smart home app and computer

Your Smart home with
C. Hurst Electrical Contractors

Call us to discuss affordable Smart homes and installation, and start your set-up at a cost effective price.

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